Students Are Talking; Beef Jerky

Fundraising is a task that many involved students are bogged down with in the fall of the school year. The junior class is joining in with a brand new way to make some moolah.

Outside of junior class adviser, James Klos’ room there is a sign advertising the first junior prom fund-raiser of the school year. Because there have already been sales going for the music department, FCCLA and the football team, the junior class needed to be creative in their fund-raiser choice.

“Last year we came up with the idea for the beef jerky sale,” said junior class president Josh Hanson.

Any student in the class of 2012 is able to participate in selling the beef jerky sticks. Students who participate should sell to both students at BRFHS, as well as family and friends outside of school.

“It’s a great idea to sell boxes to a college students,” said Hanson.

Each box contains 30 beef sticks. One stick costs one dollar.

“About half of the junior class is participating and I’ve seen success so far. One student has already sold seven boxes [of beef jerky sticks],” said Klos.

Normally students and staff see fund-raisers with a short time for selling, however the junior class is planning to go with the flow for a while to see how the beef jerky selling success continues.

“We are planning to sell them until we get sick of it,” said Klos.