2010 CVSPA awards listed

Staffers gathered awards for their 2009-10 publications at the 2010 CVSPA conference yesterday at UW-Eau Claire.

Overall General Excellence

  • Paw Print Online, first place, scholastic newspaper
  • Breeze, first place, scholastic yearbook

Individual Newspaper Review

  • Gregg Koboski, first place, “Sims 3 Review”
  • Gregg Koboski, second place, “Super Mario Bros Wii Review”
  • Lindsey Breheim, third place, “Alice in Wonderland,”

Individual Newspaper Feature

  • Alex Turner, second place, “Students are Talking: About Glee”

Newspaper Photo and Story, Best of Show

  • Chelsea Matalas, Ryan Whaley, Cory Roseth, first place, “Madison Police”
  • Chelsea Matalas, Ryan Whaley, Cory Roseth, honorable mention, “Mrs. Franko”

Scholastic Newspaper Sports Writing

  • Morgan Stittleburg, first place, “Run, Baby, Run!”
  • Cory Roseth, second place, “Becoming a Fist”
  • Rikka Bakken, third place, “Tigers End Season with 9-2 Record”

Individual Newspaper News Writing

  • Rikka Bakken, first place, “Reasonable Suspicion”

Individual Newspaper Column

  • Cory Roseth, first place, “The Way I See It”

Individual Newspaper Editorial

  • Alex Turner, “I Can’t <3 Boobies: Students Fight for their Rights”

Scholastic Yearbook Individual Categories

Captions on a double-page spread

  • April White, third place, “Madrigal”

General Interest Photo-Candid

  • Thea Holty, first place, “Life on the Stage”

Yearbook Photo, Best of Show

  • Marit Bakken, first place, “Homecoming Bed Race Win”

Yearbook Story, Best of Show

  • Kristen, second place, “A Lively Tradition”