Peasley Breaks Record with a Podium-Worthy Race

Senior Will Peasley has qualified for state every year that he has been in cross country. His performance there has improved each year.

“I met my goals and ran the best race of my career, so I couldn’t be more happier. It’s weird looking back at the race now; it also feels like a dream,” said William Peasley, who placed 6th in the state cross-country meet.

As Peasley traveled to state on October 30, he had two main goals that he would soon accomplish.

“I had two goals going into the race, and I accomplished them. I went into the race wanting to get on the podium, which is the top 6, and to be the best cross-country runner out of Black River Falls. I finished 6th, so I got on the podium and ran a time of 16:27, which was faster than the other previous state qualifier from Black River,” said Peasley, a senior.

Peasley had high hopes for his cross-country season and those high hopes turned into a successful season for him.

Even though Peasley had been to state two times prior, he still got nerves before and during the race, but pushed himself to his limits.

“I really wanted to be on the podium, and I knew that if someone passed me, I wouldn’t be able to. So I was running scared trying to push myself faster and faster,” said Peasley. “After I crossed the line I pretty much couldn’t walk at all, after I stumbled around for a while, I threw up and just kneeled on the ground. It’s not a pleasant feeling right after a race, but it’s worth it in the long run.”

Peasley not only placed on the podium, but he did something else that was unique to himself and Black River Falls.

“Will broke a Black River Falls record for best finish place-wise [6th] and time-wise [16:27] at state,” said senior Brandon Skelding who witnessed Will break these records.

A 16:27 is approximately a five minute mile for about three miles, and the terrain they run on can pose many difficulties for runners.

The competition at the state level is pretty tough, after all it is the best of the best in the state.

“The competition is pretty crazy at the state meet. In my race there were about 150 guys and the start is insane! Everybody sprints the first mile and my time was just under five minutes,” said Peasley.

“Well, for competition it’s state, so the best of the best are competing. What was surprising was the fact that four of the top six runners were sophomores, which is rare for boy’s cross-country. This was one of the better years in terms of depth of competition,” said Skelding.

In Peasley’s division, which is division 2, there were 152 runners to compete against.

State for cross-country is an action packed-time not only for the runners but also for the people watching the runners.

“State is ridiculous! Many people have no clue as to how intense the state meet is. Imagine 10,000 people on a golf course all sprinting back and forth to get a chance to cheer on their runners. People sometimes get hit by the trailing golf carts,” said Skelding.

The runners aren’t the only ones battling for a good position coaches and spectators want to see what’s happening with their runner.

Most successful people have good discipline and for Peasley he stays discipline during cross-country and when he’s not running around town.

“I’m ashamed to say that I did not milk cows [the morning of the race.] My dad let me sleep in before I had to get up to ride the bus. But I can say that today Sunday morning, the day after the race I was back to my routine milking cows just like normal,” said Peasley.

Most days you can catch Will staying disciplined and waking up bright and early for chores.