Sophomores finish their final WKCE test

The WKCE or Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination, the state’s standardized tests, took place on October 25-27 for the sophomore class.

While the sophomores were busy testing, the freshmen, juniors and seniors got to sleep in. The freshmen and upperclassmen didn’t have to come into school until 10:30 on Tuesday, and 10:20 on Wednesday.

“The testing wasn’t too bad but I didn’t like having to get up early to come to school, while everyone else got to sleep in,” said sophomore Mariah Jessie.

The WKCE test is for students in grades 3-8 and 10. During the WKCE test, students answer questions on reading, mathematics, science, language arts and social studies.

“I struggled with the math part of the test because I haven’t taken math since second term last year. I also didn’t like the essay part of the test. It was confusing and I didn’t understand it,” said Erin Peterson.

More than one student agreed that the social studies part was the hardest part.

“I thought that the social studies part of the test was kinda hard, but I’m bad at history and social studies,” said Anissa Flick.

“I thought the social studies portion was the most difficult because it was stuff we learned a long time ago, not recent things,” said Riley Smith.

The sophomores were required to do one session at a time per subject under a certain time limit. Most time limits were 25 or 40 minutes. During one portion of the test the students were required to write an essay.

Due to the not-so-good scores from last year’s sophomores, current sophomores were offered an incentive–a pass to Three Bears Lodge in Warrens if for all who score well in all 5 subjects of the test. The Three Bears Lodge offers a skatepark, and an indoor and outdoor pool for the students. Although an incentive was offered for the students, not all of the students stressed over it.

“Yes, the incentive encouraged me to work harder, but I knew it was just something extra,” said Smith.

“Yes, it encouraged me [to work harder] I love going there! Its so much fun!” said Peterson.

For some students, the incentive wasn’t the reason they tried to do well on the test.

“No, the incentive didn’t encourage me to do better because I wanted to do my best no matter what,” said Jessie.

“No it didn’t encourage me to work harder. I actually forgot that there was an incentive,” said Jennifer Savage

“It didn’t encourage me to do better because I’m not a big fan of swimming. I did want to do good though,” said Flick.

The testing was overwhelming for some of the students. Some say the fact that they’re done with the WKCE for good is what got their spirits high.

“Now that the testing is over I feel very relieved. Relieved because I know I wont have to do it again,” said Smith.

“I’m REALLY glad that the testing is over with because after three days of it, I was pretty bored of the testing,” said Savage.