Sophomores, juniors, seniors have opportunity to train in health care career

“As a junior who was previously involved, I can tell you it is probably the easiest class to get into,” a current junior, Connie, commented.

It really is that simple, too. All that is needed is $48, which pays for the application and test fees as well as the $8, two-step Tuberculosis (TB) test. The TB test is a very small needle that is inserted just below the top layer of skin that bubbles up and then deflates if you don’t have TB.

“It doesn’t hurt, and it just looks like a mosquito bite, or a small blister,” said Connie. “It was also very fast and confidential. The nurse or nurses-aide takes you into a room–it was the meeting room in the Guidance Office last year–and she cleans off the area where you are getting the shot and she sticks it in your arm.

Some students feel that this opportunity advances them most because it is more hands-on. There are a few students, in our school that have actually volunteered to help as well.

“The experience looks good on an application. If you have the CNA course and volunteer work and college experience, you are almost guaranteed a job [in a nursing setting],” said the junior.

Any experience in the a chosen field of study looks good on any other job application as well. It may also be able to get some high school students ahead of some college students.

“All I know is I am glad I took that course and paid the $48 because I am currently working at the nursing home and I know that this course helped.”