Did you see the Packers beat the Vikings?

The Green Bay Packers pulled out their fourth victory by four points, beating the Vikings 28 to 24.

“This shows who truly is the top dog in the NFC north. The Minnesota Vikings obviously are an inferior team and clearly that is why they were defeated so easily,” said devoted Packer fan and senior Robert Gerzik.

The emphasis of this game was the two quarterbacks–Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers threw for 21 completions, 296 yards, with two TD’s and 2 interceptions. Favre passed for 16 completions and 212 pass yards, with 1 TD and 3 interceptions. With the stats at hand, Rodgers was clearly the victor in this battle.

But not everyone was as pleased with the outcome as Robert Gerzik was.

“Well, I think that the refs favored the Packers so bad. Like that touchdown they took back from us [Vikings] because his foot was out? Umm, no, his foot was fine,” said Viking fan Mara Ransom.

The Packers toughed out a victory even though they had multiple starters injured, like Al Harris, who is nursing a knee injury but should be back in the next few weeks.

Some people would like to blame the Viking loss on other factors, like the refs, but when it’s all said and done, the facts are that Packers were victorious over the Vikings. The Packers were just the better team in this battle.