Guidance updates: Junior meetings

All throughout October and November, junior students and their parents will receive an envelope in the mail summoning them to a meeting. There is no reason to be alarmed, the dreaded envelope in the mail is a good thing.

The Black River Falls High School guidance counselors, Eric Erickson and Sue Leadholm, will be meeting with all junior students and their parents. They will be discussing college admissions, visits, and college applications.

“Colleges require specific courses and good grades plus admission test scores to be accepted to their school,” said Leadholm.

Each student’s family is given a date and time to show up for these meetings. It would be very beneficial for you and your family to attend.

“Junior year is an important time for students to actively begin planning their educational future,” said Leadholm. “Parents and students need to plan ahead and be ready to apply by the beginning of their senior year.”