FCCLA attends team training

This week, a few members of the FCCLA chapter attended team training in Stevens Point. The people who went were Elizabeth Cook, Caitlin Nelson and FCCLA adviser Tina Gilbertson.

“On Tuesday we [Cook and Nelson] presented to between 250 and 300 members,” said Gilbertson.

When you go to team trainings there are always different sessions that you can go to.

“Lizzie’s session dealt with the importance of leadership roles and how to get involved in the organization. Caitlin’s session was about the different competition categories, professionalism and the opportunities within the organization,” said Gilbertson.

Team trainings happen every year, they are usually in October and attend three.

“Whenever we go to team trainings, the officers and adviser always go up the night before and stay overnight. On Tuesday we had to leave a little later because we had to leave after the choir concert,” said Gilbertson.

 While on the way to Stevens Point an interesting event happened to the officers and adviser.

“We were on our way to Stevens Point, and we almost hit a bear. It was the biggest bear I’ve ever seen! I bet the bear must have been about 700 or 800 pounds,” said Gilbertson.

Here is Nelson’s account of the “almost run in” with the bear.

“We were out past the casino. We were just talking about Writing 1 class, and then Mrs. Gilbertson and Lizzie started screaming out of nowhere! I looked up and saw a giant black blob. Then Mrs. Gilbertson said, ‘Oh My Gosh’ ‘That was a bear!’ We just barely missed it,” said Nelson.

Gilbertson wanted to remind all members that they should have already paid their $20.00 membership fee. If not get it to her ASAP.