FCCLA plans travel opportunities

FCCLA, Family Career Community Leaders of America, brings students opportunities to travel to different cities and meet new people who can become friends for a lifetime.

“FCCLA is well known out in the community by the projects being done by the students,” said FCCLA adviser Tina Gilbertson. This meeting covered the whole year and what FCCLA will be doing.

One of the first opportunies to travel comes in the second term.

“The cluster meeting is in St Louis on November 5-7,” said FCCLA adviser Sarah Halverson. “This is for getting the kids used to everything and to motivate them for the future.”

“National Leadership Conference is on July 10-14 and State Conference is on April 3-5 at the Kalihari in Wisconsin Dells,” said Halverson.

“STAR events are presented in La Crosse,” said Cook. “STAR events stand for Students Taking Action with Recognition,” added Halverson.

The trips can be expensive, but members have the opportunity to cover the cost. “Fundraisers will pay for your trips if you raise enough money,” said Gilbertson. This year there will be two fundraisers, one selling Frontier Soups and then another for¬†Christmas wreaths.

Advisers and students look back at several trips with great memories.

“Orlando was definitley one of the best trips we have ever taken.Tthe kids really had a lot of fun there,” said Halverson.

“I have been in FCCLA for four years and every year I meet new people and just have a good time,” said senior Betsy Torkelson.

Thinking about joining?  Talk to Gilbertson or Halverson, both stationed in the green hallway.