Athlete Spotlight: Andrew Millis

As winter is right around the corner, there comes an end to the football season and hockey kicks into gear. With hockey comes great players, like Andrew Millis. 

“I think this season will be a good test to see how the team comes together. It will be a good season if we all are able to come together as a team,” said Millis. 

Falls sports are putting a dent in the number of players at hockey practice, which started with a limited schedule on September 19.

“With Cross Country and Football still going on, there isn’t a lot of people coming to the practices. Once these sports are done there will be a lot better turnouts,” said Millis. 

Millis, despite the distraction of other sports, is still thinking about team’s future–especially with the team’s goalie.

“I think we have a difficult situation with Kyle being out and Jakub leaving in January. Although we have sophomore Billy Dykstra stepping up and filling in the goalie spot,” said Millis.