Sibling Rivalry: Polzin times three

For one Black River Falls High School (BRFHS) teacher, being a triplet is nothing special. 

BRFHS math teacher Sue Polzin grew up in Dixon, Ill., a town of approximately 15,000 people. She describes her childhood as normal, but others might say it was just the opposite. Polzin is an identical triplet, something that happened once in every 500,000 births. 

“It [being a triplet] was all I knew growing up,” said Polzin. 

Although she found her childhood normal, at an early age Polzin figured out that being a triplet was special. 

“Our mom dressed us all alike and our hair was the same,” said Polzin. “We attracted a lot of attention.” 

Polzin admitted to pulling some pranks every once in awhile. 

“We never pulled pranks on our parents, but sometimes we did at school or with our friends,” said Polzin. 

Polzin noted one particular time when one of her sisters had a date but did not want to go. Instead of have her sister cancel the date, Polzin went on the date and pretended to be her sister. The boy never knew the difference. 

Polzin being a triplet is especially unique to her because there is no family history of multiple births. Her sisters and she were born before assistive reproduction devices, so their births were completely natural, said Polzin. 

Polzin is very close to her two sisters, two both reside in Minnesota, and call each other frequently. 

“My sisters are my best friends,” said Polzin.