Sibling Rivalry: The Skeldings

We all have times when we don’t exactly see eye to eye with our siblings. This is especially true for two such siblings, senior Brandon Skelding and sophomore Delaney Skelding.

1. What ticks you off most about your sibling?

Brandon: We just don’t get along. I think she’s loud at home a lot. We have clashing personalities so we argue and sometimes fight a lot.
Delaney: He’s really competitive, and he always switches the channel to golf.

2. What do you love about your sibling?

B: That she’s nice most of the time.
D: He has his nice moments.

3. Do you like being in the same school as your sibling?

B: Not really: I get enough of her at home. Just kidding, it’s not horrible.
D: It doesn’t really matter because I never see him.

How well do these siblings know each other?

4. What is your sibling’s favorite sport?

B guess: Softball
D answer: Volleyball

D guess: Running: Cross Country or Track
B answer: Cross Country 

5. What is your sibling’s favorite color?

B guess: Blue
D answer: Yellow

D guess: Blue
B answer: Blue

6. What is your sibling’s favorite celebrity ?

B guess: Taylor Lautner
D answer: Lebron James

D guess: Steve Prefontaine
B answer: Drake

7. What is your sibling’s favorite movie?

B guess: New Moon
D answer: The Last Song

D guess: Miracle
B answer: Inception

8. What is your sibling’s favorite T.V. show?

B guess: Glee
D answer: Jersey Shore

D guess: Anything Golf
B answer: Tosh .0

9.What is your sibling’s favorite sports team?

B guess: Packers
D answer: Packers

D guess: Oregon Ducks
B answer: Detroit Red Wings

10. Who is the better sibling?

B: Me, because I don’t give up and I strive to excel at everything.
D: ME! I’m not as cranky as him and I actually try to be nice to him, sometimes.