Did You See That: 5 Great Proposal Videos

Just in time for Valentine’s–five great proposals!


Advertised Love-A couple goes to an unveiling of a new billboard, but behind the cover is a surprise waiting to happen.

A Proposal From Across the Seas-A couple separated by the war in Iraq talk on video camera on the Early Show. The sergeant pops the question unexpectedly on air.

Proposing in the Park-A woman goes out onto the ball field to throw a ball to the catcher, but it turns out to be her boyfriend. He tosses her the ball again which has a special message on it just for her.

A Yes Only Fit For Disney World-While on a trip to Disney World, a man proposes to his girlfriend, in song, in the middle of a huge gathered crowd.

Gorilla, Man, Gun, Proposal?-The couple, in front of an audience, turn their backs on each other to turn around and play a different version of rock, paper, scissors. Instead of choosing from the selection of three, he turns around to reveal something a little more shocking. (The good part is at about 6:00.)