Students are talking: Brad Markhardt, Agricultural Master

Brad Markhardt teaches a variety of agricultural classes which include Exploring Ag. Science, Environmental Management and also a Small Animal Veterinary Science class, but what inspired him to be an agricultural science teacher?

“Probably in high school when my agriculture teacher allowed me to teach an ag lesson and some kids just didn’t get it. It was interesting that some kids just didn’t get it,” said agricultural teacher Markhardt.

Markhardt has 19 years of teaching under his belt. If someone wants to know anything about plants or animals, the place to learn, that is the agriculture room, is where Markhardt will most likely be.

When it comes to trading cards like Pokémon, Markhardt still loves his agriculture.

“My favorite pokémon would have to be dig lett because he’s in the soilm,” said Markhardt.

Markhardt is always thinking agriculturally, and in his spare time he helps with the community garden.