Band catches two parades

Fall is synonymous with marching band because that is when many of the parades take place.

The marching band always marches in two judged parades–the Cranfest parade in Warrens and the Oktoberfest parade in La Crosse.

“My favorite parade is Oktoberfest. Everyone is just so happy to see you. The crowd is much more into it [the music]. People dance and sing with your music. Cranfest seems dull to me. All the people in the crowd are usually just crabby and there solely for shopping. People are crammed into Warrens like sardines and everyone cops an attitude,” said senior Zach Markhardt.

“My favorite parade to march in is Oktoberfest,” said junior Hannah Brooke.

“My favorite parade is Oktoberfest, since it’s longer and we can psych the freshmen,” said senior Amanda Brauner.

After the Oktoberfest parade the band goes to the La Crosse food court to eat.

“The minute the parades are done, I rip off my helmet. It gets really hot under it, so it’s always a relief. I also put on lip balm, because my lips feel like their on fire from playing my trombone,” said Markhardt.

Cranfest has approximately 1,400 vendors in all.

“At Cranfest, the one place that makes the whole trip worth it is the Cranberry Discovery booth. I get the cranberry/raspberry salt water taffy. I buy three bags of those mouth watering delectable’s to get me through the year!” said Markhardt.

“At Cranfest I always have to stop at the gas station and the pizza stand,” said Brooke.

“I would have to say the one place I always go to at Cranfest, is Alonzo’s Grave–it’s a band thing,” said Brauner.

Cranfest is one mile long, while Oktoberfest–the longest parade the band marches–is 2.5 miles long.

“My feelings halfway through Oktoberfest, were that of tire, headache, and heat. When they start to bother me, I remind myself to smile. It lightens me and I hope it lightens the crowd too,” said Markhardt.

“Halfway through my feelings were mostly likely either water, or air! I say air, because I play the flute and we normally play high notes, which require more air,” said Brauner.