Vampires really do suck

The excitement over “Vampires Suck” was not necessary, because frankly Vampires Suck, sucks.

“Vampires Suck” is a movie that is completely making fun of “Twilight,” and, honestly, “Twilight” is better than this movie. “Vampires Suck” is about a girl named Becca Crane who moves to Sporks to live with her father because her mother had an affair with golf player Tiger Woods. Funny, right?

Becca starts to develop feelings for another student named Edward Sullen (instead of Edward Cullen from Twilight.) One of the funnier moments in the movie is when Becca tries to figure out what/who Edward is.

Becca: “Your skin is pale white, you dress fashionably,and you abstain from sex, I know what you are.”

Edward: “Say it, out loud, say it.”

Becca: “A Jonas Brother.”

That was one of the only funny moments in the movie.

Another moment that was funny was when Jacob White (the werewolf from Twilight known as Jacob Black) took off his shirt.

Becca: “Jacob, why did you take off your shirt?”

Jacob: “My contract says I have to take off my shirt every ten minutes of screen time.”

The other times in the movie where they tried to be funny, it didn’t work. Normally parody films are stupid and funny, too, but this movie was altogether stupid.

The director of this movie has done many other parody films such as “Date Movie,” “Epic Movie,” “Meet the Spartans,” “Disaster Movie” and “Scary Movie.” He didn’t impress with “Vampires Suck,” though.