What to Like About BRF

Black Rivers Falls can bring about many different emotions, including anger, boredom and even thoughts of pain. But this should not be the case. Black River Falls (BRF) should bring feelings of comfort, unity and uniqueness. I’ve compiled a list of reasons to like BRF.

Reason Number One: BRF gives you a sense of comfort. It is the perfect size that the crime level is low. Everyone knows everyone. You are a lot less likely to get into trouble, and if you do get in some type of trouble you can go up to almost anyone and get help.

Knowing that help is only a short walk away should make you feel happy to live in BRF.

Reason Number Two: This town is so unique. I mean c’mon, what other town of 3000 has three Subways? We have a Super Wal-Mart, unique stores including Functional Junction, the Merchant General, various Antique Stores, an authentic Carnegie Library, which has been converted into a Museum and our very own brewery.

Oh, and not to mention that we also have three art galleries, a hockey arena, outdoor and indoor pool and various parks for small children to play in. What other small town could claim all of that?

The next time you think have nothing to do in small town BRF think about this article. Don’t complain that there is nothing to do, get out and find something.