Media Spotlight: The Last Song

Romance writer Nicholas Sparks, screenwriter of the 2010 hit movie, The Last Song,  has left people across the nation with smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes once again.

“The Last Song” is about a girl named Veronica “Ronnie” Miller who moves to her dad’s house for the summer with her little brother, Jonah. Ronnie’s parents got a divorce three years prior to this summer, and Ronnie was not happy to go there. Ronnie was really mean to her father, and wouldn’t even give him a second chance. Then, Ronnie met Will and everything changed. Ronnie and Will fell in love which caused her to become a much happier person and she was a lot nicer to her father. One night when some turtle eggs were hatching on the beach, Ronnie’s dad had a coughing spell, and Ronnie’s life immediately turned around. Ronnie found out her father was diagnosed with cancer, and only had a short while longer to live. Ronnie was devasted but she wanted nothing more then to spend all her time helping out her father than being with Will.

“The Last Song” is a story about love, laughter, heartache, music, family and life. “The Last Song” shows you love at its strongest and weakest points, and how to treat someone you love.

“It was SO good! I cried because it was so sad and good! I was so sensitive throughout the whole movie, that I even cried when the sea turtles hatched!” said freshman Lexie Smetna.

“I thought it was a good movie, and I was very surprised at the end of the movie. I think everyone should watch it, even guys,” said freshman Allie Sweeney.

“I loved that movie! Its the best!” said sophomore Carly McPeak.