Ladies Lovin’ Fuchsia Locks

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month, community members of Black River Falls, including students at BRFHS, have been sporting the newest pink trend with proceeds going to breast cancer research.

 This fund-raiser began in the middle of last October, according to Studio 107 owner, Kelly Chamberlain.

 “One of our customers had breast cancer. She is very involved with events to raise money for cancer research. We had some left over pink hair extensions, so we came up with this idea to raise money,” said Chamberlain.

 Getting one of the extensions is fairly easy for high school students as far as price and time goes.

 “They cost five dollars each and take about five minutes to put in; not long at all,” said stylist Sam Marg.

 “Most people do two [extensions] so they’re more noticeable,” added Kelly. “Also, 100% of the profit goes to breast cancer research,” Chamberlain added.

 Some girls at BRFHS that have already spotted the trend are sophomores Riley Smith, Maria Lee, and Zayta Thundercloud,  juniors Katie Dvorak, Jessie Bere, Erica Olson,  Emma Erlandson,  and Sydney Harkner, and seniors Austin Marg and Olivia Lee.

 The first customer to start the trend this year was Erandson’s grandmother, Durrelle Whitmore . After Whitmore started the trend, almost half the BRF volleyball team got a burst of fuchsia color in their hair, and then more girls followed.

 It’s amazing how many extensions that the stylists at Studio 107 have already sold. Word of mouth has been their biggest advertisement so far, according to Chamberlain and Marg.

 “We have a sign at the door [to advertise] and we are all wearing them,” said Chamberlain.

 “When people see us wearing them, they’re more inclined to get one. I have five,” added Marg.

 This fund-raiser is unique to Black River Falls, and Studio 107 is the only local salon that is working with these pink hair extensions. There are many days left of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and many more extensions to be sold. Please don’t hesitate to contribute to this great cause.