Teacher Spotlight: Corey Colburn

Choir director Corey Colburn has the dual responsibilities of high school choir director as well as Lunda Theatre coordinator. This year, he added the position of middle school choir director to his plate.  

“The biggest challenge so far has been the days when one of the schools runs a modified schedule, so I end up needing a sub for one building or the other,” said Colburn. “I’m also not here for focus some days.”  

Scheduling hasn’t been the only conflict, though.  

“Behavior is much more an issue at the middle school,” said Colburn. “They’re just goofy people, and that’s fine, but they just don’t know how to channel that energy well. That’s where I come in.”

Colburn manages 27 singers in the sixth grade choir, and 50 in the combined seventh and eighth grade choir.   However, the differences between middle school students and high school students aren’t holding Colburn back.  

“Middle school students are challenging regardless, but teaching middle school and high school is fairly similar. I’m basically teaching the same concepts at different levels.”