Athlete Spotlight: Emiley Rios

Varsity Volleyball player and senior Emiley Rios is this week’s athlete for her hard work, positive attitude and dedication to the sport.

What do you like most about volleyball?

“I like the girls the most because I’ve been playing with them for a long time. Most of us have been playing volleyball together since third grade. High school varsity is the best. We just like being around each other.”

What is your favorite volleyball memory?

“My favorite volleyball memory would have to be the games we play before the real games; they’re so much fun! And also the deodorant roll [a dance move our team made up]”

How long have you been playing volleyball?

“I’ve been playing volleyball since the third grade, and I’ve been in it since third grade, on and off season.”

When you step onto the court, what are you feeling?

“Well, when I step onto the court what DO I feel..? Well, I feel happy, frustrated, [frustrated with myself mostly] and usually happy about what we just did, or the kill we just did. Other than that I don’t think about the game, so I don’t get mad.”