The Last Good YouTube Video I Watched

The YouTube sensation has taking over the online video world. From “Charlie Bit My Finger” to “Charlotte Takes a Tumble,”  there are many entertaining videos out there to view, but what is an entertaining one to watch that’s new and up to date?

“What’s the last good YouTube video you watched?”

“Watermelon Headshot” is the first video of note.

“The last good video I watched was ‘Watermelon Headshot’ because this girl gets owned by a watermelon” said senior, Soren LaValley.

“Watermelon Headshot”– a girl is trying to use a slingshot and the watermelon backfires on her and doinks her right in the noggin.

“Watermelon Headshot–this chick gets jacked in the face by a watermelon,” said senior Eric Helstad.

Not all people will like watching the girl getting jacked in the face by a watermelon.

Teachers these days are even using YouTube in school to teach the students about a certain craft.

“Intro to MIG Welding (last video they watched)–it taught us how to become a better welder,” said sophomores Bryce Kopp and Christian Steihl.