Athlete Spotlight: Christina Griggs

Swish! goes the net as sophomore Christina Griggs made the shot. At the girls basketball game on February 5, Griggs scored 22 points out of 33.  The game ended with the Tigers losing by three points.

Griggs has played basketball and many sports for four years and claims volleyball is her favorite by far.

“[It is my favorite because] during the season you make new friends and have a great time traveling and scrimmaging other teams,” said Griggs.

It isn’t the only reason she enjoys not just volleyball but other sports as well.

“At the end of the game you get this feeling of accomplishment [when you win] because you worked hard for it,” said Griggs.

Griggs has one thing to say for all students trying out for springs sports and any sports in general.

“Don’t give up after the first or second day, just keep at it and see how it goes,” concludes Griggs.