The Flaws of BRF

Improved and destroyed, vandalized and beaten, BRF has many flaws affecting the many people of its environment.

“There is nothing appealing for teenagers to do,” senior Amber Nasello said. “(There are)Plenty of bars for the adults, but nothing for us.”

“You have to drive more than 35 minutes to do anything,” sophomore Cris Tomczak said.

As if the money wasn’t tight enough.

And then, with the holidays rolling around, already knocking on our doors, having to spend more on gas money than on the gifts that were planned to be bought. People are resorting to buying packs of gum for each other and saying, “Merry Christmas! the other 90% of your gift was the gas money I spent on the trip to the store.”

Thanks, BRF, for emptying that well-earned dollar from my pockets.

“I don’t like how they don’t have a lot of stores that provide what we need,” sophomore Neil Rupnick said.

Yes, BRF, we have transitioned from Wal-Mart to Super Wal-Mart, which is a good thing, but look at what happened to the empty building. I heard a Tractor Supply store was to take its place, but I guess that never happened. So then we must designate weekends to going shopping. Don’t get me wrong, Wal-Mart is great, but half the time it doesn’t have what a person needs. Though saving money regularly has to make up for the money lost when driving to get what you really need in another town. Ehh, not really, but good try. But look on the bright side. They have cat food.

And there are numerous fast food restaurants here in BRF. Sometimes people find it difficult to get enough calories in their diet. The lack of vegetables is always a good thing, because no one eats vegetables nowadays, anyway.

Thanks BRF. Maybe I’ll start walking to the stores to go shopping and make up for the calories added to my diet.

BRF has a lot of flaws but there are also positive things.

“The thing is,” sophomore Marissa Deno said, “BRF, like any other town, has good things and bad things. No matter how many improvements you make, there’s gonna be bad things.”