Go Green Team Update

The Black River Falls High School has so many options for students to get involved, but if your not sure on how to get involved, Go Green Team (GGT)may be right for you.

“We were once known as the Science Club,” said GGT adviser Donna Wojciechowski.

The science club changed to GGT around one year ago. “We work on recycling in the high school, and in the community” said Wojciechowski.

The officers met on September 9 to decide when the first meeting will be, and they will begin recycling next week.

The GGT is different from other school clubs. Clubs focus on specific ideas; for example; DECA deals with business, Investment Club deals with money management, and the GGT deals with recycling.

“We stay below the radar, and we help create a positive school climate by keeping the school organized” says Wojciechowski.

GGT recycles, holds fund-raisers and does many positive things not only for the school but also for the environment. The students in GGT work on creating a positive image in the school and in the community. GGT is recommended for anyone interested in science-If science is your mojo, then GGT with Wojo is for you!