Teacher Spotlight: Brad Markhardt

Agricultural-Science teacher Brad Markhardt is busy between dashing to the middle school and advising the FFA, but he also makes time for working in the community garden.

 The community garden sits on approximately an acre used for growing all kinds of plants. Recently, it received a grant to put up a deer fence, which is now being built. Markhardt also said there is a test plot at Jackson Electric where soybeans have been planted. In the future, he hopes to provide fruits such as apples, grapes and watermelons for the school food program.

 “The land lot and test plots have been a big thing,” Markhardt said.

 FFA has also been taking up a lot of time for him. FFA members will run the Food for America program soon, which is a program where fourth grade students will collect data at the Jackson Electric test plots. Other upcoming events include a leadership workshop and the World Dairy Expo.

 “Fall is a busy FFA time,” said Markhardt.

 Markhardt teaches Exploring Ag. Science, Environmental Management and also a Small Animal Veterinary Science class.

 “One of the neat things in there is we started going to the animal shelter every week,” Markhardt said referring to his Small Animal class.

 The upcoming unit for that class will be on anatomy and physiology. The students will also learn proper restraint of animals and dog obedience.

 Something else new is the Introduction to Horticulture class he will be teaching this year. If students earn a B or higher in the class, they receive three credits from Western Technical College.

 “It’s tough because we never subtract any activities and we are always adding new ones.” Markhardt said about his activities and the people involved.