HS students getting the funds for summer fun

Photo by kandyjaxx, Flickr

For many high school students, summer means air conditioning, pool-side fun and family summer vacations. For a lot of summer activities, a teenager is going to need some spending money. Although a lot of students will ask their parents for money, many have to work to get the funds for the things they want to do, especially if they have a car. To get the money needed, they must have a summer job.

During the summer, certain jobs are available that aren’t open any other time of the year, such as the Hoffman Aquatic Park. The most popular job at the Hoffman Aquatic Park is the lifeguard position. Many students apply to be a lifeguard at the Hoffman Aquatic Center because they get to be out in the sun and be where a lot of their friends might be.

Another summer season job is working at the Dairyway in Brockway. The hot summer weather always brings in plenty of customers for their frozen deserts and other foods.

Junior Cassie Olson has been working at Dairyway for three summers now and loves her summer job.

“Dairyway is a lot of fun and I have good co-workers,” said Olson. “I get flexible hours and a quarter raise every year I come back. Plus, it works around my busy summer schedule.”

But not everyone wants to work for a company. Many students prefer to work less advertised jobs, like babysitting for the neighborhood kids.

Sophomore Ali Meek has been baby-sitting for years now and usually baby-sits for a new family every summer.

“It’s a good job,” said Meek. “The hours are usually flexible and it leaves weekends open. Also, it lets you go outside and play with the kids. It’s a lot of fun.”

Meek’s summer babysitting job only asks for three or four days in the week, giving her plenty of free time for her other summer activities.

Not only does she get to have fun in the sun with energy-filled kids, she also gets a decent amount of pay.

“My job pays pretty well. And, it’s un taxed. You get to keep every cent you earn. For me, that’s fifty dollars a day,” admits Meek.

So no matter what the money is needed for, whether it’s gasoline or a movie ticket, there are always opportunities for teenagers to make a little cash to fund their summer agendas.