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Let’s Go Beach Bumming!

The school year is coming to a close, and we all know what that means– SUMMER!  If you’re looking to have a great day relaxing in the sand and going for a swim you should be thankful you live in Black River Falls.

 Our area boasts some of the most well-maintatined and busiest beaches in the state.  There are over six beaches within 15 minutes of the city limits.  Highlighted in this article are the three nicest public beaches. 

Lake Wazee 

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Lake Wazee is one of Jackson County’s claims to fame.  It is the deepest lake in the state of Wisconsin, dropping to a depth of 355 feet.  It is a popular destination for scuba divers in the area and has even given the area of a reason to have a scuba supply store and training center. 

“Lake Wazee is the best!” says junior Lucas Mathews. 

Mathews is a die-hard beach fan, going out at least two or three times a week.  Mathews rates Wazee a “10 out of 10.” 

“The water is super clean!  The beach’s sand is also really good, unlike Arbutus,” says Mathews, “Plus, it’s really cheap.  You can get a summer pass for, like, $25.00.”

Lake Arbutus

Lake Arbutus has been the lifeblood of Hatfield since the village was established.  Arbutus provides the area with a large, clean lake that gives boaters and swimmers plenty of room to play.  Over the past few years, the dam has been under construction, so water levels have been fluctuating.  Class of 2008 graduate Keaton Green loves Arbutus.

“Arbutus is just so much fun!” says Green, “It’s free to the public, has really nice water and has both ice cream shops and flushable toilets nearby.”

Arbutus also has some downfalls when compared to other beaches in the area, though.

“The beaches are kind of rocky, compared to Wazee,” said Green, “but it doesn’t have a ton of cigarettes laying around like Wazee does, so it’s a fair trade-off!”

 As Green stated, Arbutus is free to the public and is a great public beach.

 Robinson Creek

 Located in Millston, Robinson Creek used to be one of the busiest beaches in the area. Now officially closed, the beach is still in excellent condition.  The water is great – as long as your feet don’t touch the ground!  Due to all the pine trees in the area, the fallen pine needles give the bottom of the creek a “squishy” feeling and turn the water brown.  This has no effect on your skin or hair, so don’t worry!  Dive in and enjoy the beach!  Also remember, when you’re done swimming you can throw a line in and catch some great trout!

“It’s perfect!  It’s got white sand, sunshine, and good memories!” says senior Marit Bakken.

Bakken also loves that Robinson is secluded.

“No one is ever there,” says Bakken, “When our group of friends goes, its just us … and maybe a couple of locals.  We can do whatever we want!  It’s really fun.  If you can find it, get out there and have fun.”

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Let’s Go Beach Bumming!