App Review: We Rule

One day, I was playing with my iPod Touch and I decided to go to the App Store. The first thing I found while in the App Store was a free game called We Rule. I decided to check it out, since it was free and all.

We Rule is a newly-developed game for the iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad based off of the popular game, Farmville. Though it is a free app, the game also offers in-game purchases. The app also requires Wi-Fi for the iPod Touch.

We Rule gives players the ability to create a kingdom of their very own. They can add shops and houses and decorate it however they please. The main source of income is farming. The player lays out plots of farms and can plant certain plants, similar to Farmville.

The reason internet connectivity is required is because the player can order items from a friend’s shop. The player and the player’s friend must have a Plus+ account in order to interact.

Another huge factor of the game is mojo. The player can spend mojo to make buildings instantly construct, crops instantly grow, and a friend’s order instantly be delivered.

The game’s music is very medieval. It adds to the feeling of ruling a kingdom. To me, the music was very good, until you’ve played for about a week–after a week, the tunes get very annoying. Overall, it is fairly decent.

Because it’s free, I believe you should give the app a shot. And, hey, if you don’t like it, you can always delete it.