Students are talking: About Glee!

Since spring of last year, a new show has been sweeping the nation–and the high school.

It’s full of singing, dancing and drama, all based in the fictional William McKinley High School in Ohio. It’s on every Tuesday and is on the same channel as American Idol. Give up yet? The show is Glee.

Glee is a tv show about a wide variety of students who join together in a “glee club,” singing and dancing and competing against other schools. They sing many cover songs from popular artists like Rihanna, Kiss, Kelly Clarkson and Lady Gaga.

“I love musicals,” said junior Emily Rios. “And the singers on the show are amazing at singing.”

Rios considers herself a Gleek, or a person who ‘geeks out’ for Glee. Many Gleeks have memorbelia such as DVDs and t-shirts. Senior Levi Miles even has a Glee key chain that he carries on his person.

Some students, like junior Gleek Caitlin Nelson, watch Glee religiously.

“I watch it [Glee] every week. Sometimes even more because I have the first season on DVD, so I can watch it whenever I want,” said Nelson. “I’m a huge fan. I own all of the music and I’m really addicted to it.”

Among the glee club members, there are jocks, geeks, bad boys, cheerleaders and everything in between. They all have their own style and personalities, but they come together to do what they love: sing.

“I like that this group of kids from the show are totally different,” said sophomore gleek Breanna Amborn. “But they work together, stand up for each other and eventually become friends.”

Despite Glee‘s die-hard fans, there are those who can’t stand Glee.

Junior Robert Gerzsik is one of those students. Gerzsik seethes at even the mention of the show. Although he admits to never watching Glee, the things he has heard from other students has made him sour towards the show.

“It’s too drama-filled and boring,” said Gerzsik. “It’s just a pointless show with singing and lots of drama.”

Gerzsik can honestly say that he hates Glee and likes to make that fact apparent to others.

“I think Glee should be added to a list of shows that aren’t legal to air anymore,” said Gerzsik.

Junior Adam Arneson is another student who isn’t a fan of Glee. Arneson has watched an episode or two, but vows to never watch another minute of Glee again.

“I just don’t like Glee,” said Arneson. “There’s too much singing, not enough action.”

Everyone has their own opinions and preferences and the only way to know what you like is to watch Glee for yourself. But people will always express their opinions, like Rios.

“I think everyone should watch this show,” said Rios. “It’s brilliant.”