Seniors reflect as graduation nears

As the days in high school dwindle down, seniors have neared a point in their lives where they will not be in the comfort zone and have to enter the unknown “real” world. The days of mom and dad taking care of them and endless free time are coming to an end. Whether students are going to college or entering the work force, they are going to have a change in their way of life.

As high school activities come to a close and the lure of college life beckons, seniors have a chance to look back on their experiences in high school and reflect on them.

“I will always look back on my high school days and always remember the good times–especially the football season,” said senior Conrad Bragee.

The graduation ceremony will conjure up memories of the past and bring out emotions such as sadness and relief. Taking pictures with friends and the throwing of the mortar boards will be spectacles of the moment.

“At graduation I think I will be very emotional,” said senior Cassi Turner. “The years of going to school with my classmates were fun, but I am excited for college, too.”

The last few days of school are never the most productive days, but for the seniors the last days are filled with reminiscing on the past and looking forward to the new things that the future will bring. A lack of focus common and seniors just honestly don’t feel like doing anything.

“I don’t think I have really done much with homework since the end of hockey season,” said senior Eric Millis.

Although the seniors are very excited for graduation, they still have four finals to take to end the year. Ending the senior year strong is a big deal for many students. Ending the senior year strong can lead to a strong start to life after high school.

“Ending my senior year with a bang will help my future and keep me focused,” said senior Zach Anderson.

Graduating is a big time in any kid’s life. Leaving the nest and voyaging into the unknown waters that is life can be scary for some but not unbearable. Making new friends and learning new things will be enjoyable, but you never have to forget your high school friends and where you came from.

Aristotle once said, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” This quote sums up most student’s high school and educational experiences. The path of the education system seems to last forever, but when we get to the end the success we garnish is sweet. One day fifty years from now we will look back and reminisce on these days and wish we could have them back. Your parents know what they are talking about when they say that these are the best days of your life.