Cook eyes FCCLA national officer spot

Imagine giving a three-minute speech in front of thousands of people who you need to impress in order to achieve your goal. For junior Elizabeth Cook, this is just one of the many hurdles she needs to jump to get a spot on the FCCLA National Executive Council.

Cook has been in FCCLA since her freshman year. At first she was encouraged by some friends from the cheerleading squad, but got hooked with opportunities FCCLA presented.

“Once I was a part of it I understood it’s more than fun and going places. You really learn about publicity, confidence, communication skills and problem solving, which are all really helpful,” said Cook.

Watching others on National Executive Council made Cook want to improve her leadership skills.

“At Orlando, at the National Conference [junior Emily Dunneisen and Cook] watched Emily Jordan up on stage because she represented us as a national officer. [I was] looking up to her and Michelle Lindberg–she was a national officer–and they really encouraged me to upgrade my leadership into one of those positions,” said Cook.

With a goal of earning a spot as high as the National Executive Council, Cook has a lot to do
a lot to do. Along with a three-minute speech, Cook also has to fill out an application with two essay questions. Along with the application, she has to make a FCCLA resume. Nationals are from July 4-July 8. However, Cook manages to balance school work and extra curricular activities along with FCCLA work.

“Honestly, my school work is my first priority.  If I have enough energy at night after homework and I’m not too tired I do FCCLA things, I always get things done even when it’s down to the last few days,” said Cook.

Luckily, Cook has got some great support behind her.

“Mrs. Gilbertson has been a wonderful help. Also Halverson gives me lots of great advice and they have experience [with students running for officers],” said Cook. “Also, the support of my family since I’ve been really busy with my  FCCLA application.”