Athlete Spolight: Jacob Perner

Jacob Perner stands by the Black River Tiger by the weight room, the mascot that he proudly plays for.

There’s a pop-fly out to center field and as the runner nears home base, the outfielder has to throw the ball home. But somebody has to be there to catch the ball and that somebody is none other than junior Jacob Perner.

Perner has had a love for sports ever since he was a little kid. Throughout high school he has been active in football, basketball and baseball. Football is his favorite of the three, “but baseball is a close second.” He admits that his love of baseball always rivals his love of football.

“I think I’m all set. I have three sports that I love and I’ve been pretty successful with them,” said Perner.

Ever since his freshman year, Perner has had a spot on the Varsity baseball team. Even though his current position is catcher, he has played multiple positions over the years.

And although the baseball team has had a rough start, Perner stays optimistic.

“Our team is young, but we’re getting better everyday,” said Perner. “Since I’m a third year starter, I have experience to spread to the younger teammates…I guess you could say they can look up to me.”