Privilege… B Average or B Minimum?

When the privilege system was implemented before any of us walked these halls, it was based off an idea of incentive. To get the students to try harder and get better grades in classes, the administration put something there for them to look forward to.

When this system started it was a good idea, and still remains a good idea. The problem that is forming with the system is that the administration keeps on raising the bar. This is an excellent concept that, in theory, would make the kids bring up their grades even more. The issue is that this is not the case.

Students instead see this as an impossibility; some kids just don’t understand certain subjects and the possibility of them actually getting an 83% is just not even worth the effort. Teachers always say that if the student does the work, the good grades will follow. This is not true. What if someone just doesn’t understand math? No matter how hard they try or how much help they get they can only pull off an 80%. Does this make them a worse student than the kids who understand math and don’t have to do a lot of work to manage an A?

A student’s report card can have three As and one B- adding up to a 3.67 GPA, a high honor student, but this student’s grades are bar him from privilege, unlike someone else who got four Bs and ended up with a 3.0 GPA.

This system discourages students from taking challenging classes. Students take AP classes with hopes of getting college credit because they are college level classes. These classes are notably harder; therefore, good grades are more difficult to achieve. This system makes students not want to take these classes because a B would be harder to get in them compared to the average high school class.

I propose a B average instead of B minimum system. If that isn’t strict enough, base it off of GPA. Put a minimum GPA like 3.3 or something along those lines which would be a B+ average. This doesn’t mean that you would have to get B+s in all of your classes; it would just mean that you would need to get an A in a class if you have a C in another.

I think this system would be a lot more fair to students and just overall makes more sense.

I do understand the other point of this argument, it is called ‘privilege’ for a reason, it is supposed to be just that. If the administration wants to use it as a motivation, they need to make it work. The bar needs to be set at an attainable height and it needs to be an average score, not an individual class-based judicial system.