“Marked” by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Ever since the Twilight series, every book seems to be about vampires. I hope this does not continue because too much vampire can be a bad thing.

Marked is about Zoey Redbird and her journey through the House of Night, or high school for vampires. The House of Night is a school for marked fledging vampires to prepare for adult life as a vampire. When Zoey was marked (became a vampire) she not only had to give up her friends and break up with her boyfriend, she had to go to a school where she didn’t know anyone. Worse than that, she could not tell anyone that she was a vampire. Also, a creepy dead guy told her that she had been marked (became a vampire) and that she had to go to the House of Night.

This book was really good. It was a little inappropriate at times but still very good. This was only my second vampire book, so I wasn’t sick of them yet. It is weird how you can have almost the same story line, but it can still be completely different. The thing I like about this book is that Zoey doesn’t seem like a monster and she doesn’t refer to herself as one like Edward does in Twilight. She thinks that all vampires are good. She soon realizes that might not be true though.

This mother-daughter team did a really good job writing theses stories. I don’t know if I could sit and write a story with my mom and I’m sure she couldn’t do it with me. We would have so many different opinions that it would never work. I would want to write it some way and she wouldn’t like it at all. But the two of these women did a good job. It has depth to it.

This book like many of the ones I read has a message in it. In this book Zoey learns that everyone is needed in some way or another. They have an elements circle were earth, water, air, fire and spirit and a person controls one element. But if one element is gone they can’t have the circle, it will not work. You find out what she controls later and it becomes important. But you would have to read to find out.

Another reason I really liked this book was because the kids were like normal teenagers. They had real problems: they dealt with boys and girls and the fear of not being accepted. It’s a good book with lots of drama and love. I love those kinds of books.This book has funny twists, but this book will make you mad and make you really think about things. I would recommend this book to mature people only because it is a little inappropriate.