Open Campus Follow Up

Starting at the beginning of the 4th quarter those lucky students who were on the privilege list could partake in a trial open campus lunch. Privilege during 4th quarter is having all of your grades be above a B-.

Seniors are the only students who can qualify for open campus privilege. During open campus students can either go home, to a fast food establishment or find an alternative way to find food during their lunch shift.

This open campus trial run is a way for the administration to see if high school students can handle the freedom that goes along with with open campus lunch. If the class of seniors can handle and set an example for the open campus lunch then the administration will have to consider revamping the lunch system.

The open lunch program comes with its downfalls though. The lunch shifts here at Black River Falls High School are only 30 minutes long. When you consider all the factors of leaving school, getting your food, eating it and returning in time for class, 30 minutes is a very tight squeeze for time. This time constraint that the school is putting on the trial run for open campus lunch has caused a very low turnout from the seniors on privilege because they do not see the 30 minutes as enough time to get a good lunch out of school.

Having taken part in the open campus trial run myself, I can tell you that the 30-minute period is nowhere near enough time it takes to grab some quick food and eat it too. If the BRFHS administration is going to have an open campus lunch system, then they will need to alter the lunch schedule to add more time to lunch shifts.

Possibly by cutting lunch from three shifts to two shifts, then you could add more time to lunch periods and not have students running to get food and running to get back. The running to and from the school can increase the likelihood to cause or be in a car accident.

There are things to the open campus lunch system that are very good. The freedom that the school is allowing to the seniors gives them a real life scenario for getting places on time and managing time. The freedom of making or getting your own lunch gives the student more of a choice on what they want to eat. Also, on the fast food establishment’s side, the boost in economy from high school students buying their food at lunch could strengthen our community.

If the school can make some modifications to the open campus lunch system, I could definitely see it working out for future classes. Keeping students safe during the open campus lunch is a major concern for many people in the community. This year’s seniors need to set a good example on how to act and get back for their classes. This responsibility will help the future and current students see how high school students should act at all times of the school day.