The Ups and Downs of Senior Interviews

What are your future goals? What made you successful in high school? What are the activities you participated in during high school? Being prepared to answer these questions were part of the senior interviews that all the seniors participated in with teachers and community members this past April 9.

During the interviewing process teachers and community members ask questions to senior students. The questions are in-depth questions that cannot be answered in a simple, short answer. The questions are designed to make the students reflect on their high school experience and force the seniors to give advice to underclassmen on how to better their high school experience.

“Be prepared to answer all the questions they are going to ask,” said senior Garrett Buselmeier. “They will give you a sheet with all the questions on it, so just go over the questions and make sure to know what your going to say.”

Also, the interviews help the school district gain valuable information on what they are doing well and what they are doing not so well. With this new information from the students the school district can see a different side of things from the people who the policies of the school actually affect.

“I actually enjoyed sharing my knowledge with the community members and underclassmen,” said senior Conrad Bragee. “I hope they will take my information and make things better for the school in the future.”

In order to graduate, the seniors had to take part in these interviews. The overall presentation by the seniors was not graded but, the better presentations will be asked to give their presentation once more in front of the school board.

Even though the interviews helped the school district out there were a few things the seniors suggested to make the interviewing process smoother.

“I really did not like having to do my interview in front of a huge class,” said Bragee. “I would much rather just have a one-on-one interview with the community members and teachers.”

Even though the interviews are set up for the school to gain valuable information from the students, they are also helpful in preparing students for future interviews for jobs. The students were asked to dress up for the interviews and treat them as a job interview. With this professional atmosphere the students can gain a better understanding of how job interviews will be administrated.

With the benefits for the school district and students, the interviews are a very good way to end the senior’s year. The interviews are seen as a wrap up to look back on the good and bad of the high school experience. The interviews are also a great way to reflect on your greatest memories in high school and tell others of your accomplishments.