Hannah Brooke drawn to art

[flickr]photo:4329810021[/flickr]Many of us have hobbies and enjoy doing them. One hobby that is on Hannah Brooke’s favorites is art.

Q: You like art, drawing, painting, but why?
A: I like art because it’s the one way I express myself and show my real talents.
Q: How long have you been into art?
A: I have been [into art] since I was very young.
Q: How did you get into art?
A: It was the one thing I knew I could control. How I feel, what shape it takes, the color of my soul, the emotions portrayed. My choice. My control.
Q: How do you come up with ideas for drawing, and other ways of art?
A: They just come to me, sometimes I’ll sit there for hours just thinking and pulling an image together with scraps of emotions.
Q: Do you think art is a good way to express yourself?
A: Yes, it is the way I can thoroughly show it. Reaching out for help, inner struggles easily portrayed through art, things inexpressible through words.
Q: What kind of art classes have you taken?
A: I have taken the basic art classes, 2-D, 3-D, and painting. I knew the basics before and thought it was just always there, a natural talent.
Q: Do you enjoy the classes or would you enjoy sitting outside or at home to draw?
A: I feel comfortable in either. Sometimes class rushes through but keeps you on task. Sometimes home is filled with distractions.
Q: Where is your favorite place to do art?
A: Probably in my room at night when everything is quiet and still and time seems to pass by slower, as you enter a dream like state letting you think more freely.
Q: What do you like to do most with art? Why?
A: I like to draw there is just more detail that can be added with pencil rather then a brush.