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Why join BRFHS Student Media?

There are a number of great reasons why you should join us. If you’re interested in gaining skills that can be used in any job–from doctor to small business owner,  student media and journalism is the place to get them. Good communication skills are versatile and allow you flexibility as you pursue your career.  Read on for resources…

We regularly tweet coverage of sporting events.

High School Journalism Matters
New research conducted for the NAA Foundation provides clear evidence that student journalists earn better high school grades, perform at higher levels on college entrance exams and receive higher grades in college writing and grammar courses than students who lack that experience.

The “High School Journalism Matters” study builds on previous NAA Foundation research showing that students who work on their high school newspapers or student-oriented sections of their hometown papers and who use newspapers in class or for homework are more engaged in civic activities, better educated and more involved citizens as they grow older.

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Whether you like to be behind the camera or in front of it, you can find a place at BRFHS student media.

Dear Students: Even if You Don’t Read a Newspaper, You Should Still Work at One

I’ve alienated my fellow advisers in FAU’s Student Government because I boast loudly and proudly, “No other extra-curricular activity on campus is better for your career — no matter what that is — than the newspaper.”

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ASJMC Statement on the Value of Scholastic Media
During 2008 ASJMC will be sending the following statement on the value of scholastic media to high school principals across the country, as well as to state scholastic press associations and other organizations that are concerned about scholastic media.

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National Council of Teachers of English Position Statement
According to Applying NCTE/IRA Standards in Classroom Journalism Projects (published by NCTE and JEA), “journalism courses and the often extracurricular media they produce [are] excellent ways to teach a vast range of high school, junior high/middle school, and even elementary school content” (Bowen and Tantillo). As school districts across the country become standards-based, it is imperative that journalism courses be recognized for their ability to meet the NCTE/IRA standards.

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How can you join BRFHS Student Media?

Pick one or pick them all.

Together, we work on yearbook, online news and broadcast. If you want to get involved, choose one or more of these courses.

From the day-long journalism conference at UWEC to the living rooms of your friends and family as they surf our website or watch the news, literally and figuratively, we go places.


Grade Level: 10-12

Course Length: 2 semesters

Do you want to be part of shaping the news? Writing 1, the class that publishes the Paw Print Online and Breeze yearbook, needs YOU.

While taking on the challenges of writing researched news, persuasive and narrative articles, students get the opportunity to interview a wide variety of people and research interesting topics. The result? Work that makes people talk.

“It [is] pretty exciting to be recognized for something,” said a former editor.

The work staffers publish gets school, community and regional exposure.

“I remember one of my teachers actually used one of my articles in a U.S. history class,” said another editor.

Photography, video and design opportunities are available. This class is a prerequisite for Writing II. Performance contract required of each student.

Writing 1 has a hand in producing the yearbook and Paw Print Online.


We find ways to have fun, too. One of our traditions is a staff Thanksgiving dinner, which we tape--of course.


Grade Level: 11-12

Course Length: 2 semesters

This hands-on, lab-based course is available for students interested in creating and publishing the Paw Print Online and Breeze.

Students are responsible for publication schedules and content of the Paw Print Online and Breeze, as well as continued study of news writing skills.

Students use InDesign and Photoshop for page design and layout and photograph school activities. Editors are also responsible for managing the Paw Print online and Breeze staff. Performance contract required of each student.

Writing 1 has a hand in producing the yearbook and Paw Print Online. We also work on multimedia, which may include video or podcasts.



From taping games to doing the play by play, BRFHS Paw Print Online and Channel 97 have it covered.


Grade Level: 10-12

Course Length: Semester

This fast-paced and fun course offering challenges students to become part of the team that produces content for Channel 97 and Channel 97 News, just one part of Black River Falls High School’s student media program.

Produce your own video packages, podcasts and news shows. Use Adobe Premiere Pro, Soundbooth and Photoshop while being involved with producing news and informational productions, documentaries, community events and sports video productions that will be broadcast on the Local Access television Channel 97.

Writing 1 has a hand in producing Channel 97 News.

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