Fishing spots abound in area

It can be an easy thing to do or it can be very complicated. There are many ways to go fishing. You can fish from land, from a boat, with a bobber, or without a bobber. It is a good family activity that anyone can do. There are many fishing tournaments in the area that people can enter.

“Me and my family leave for the weekend with a boat and will go camping and fishing during the summer,” said junior Tonie Johnson.

There are many different fish that can be fished for. Some people fish for food and some fish for fun to catch and release. Opening day for fisherman is like christmas in the spring. It is can be fishing season for most.

“Fishing in my house is a family thing that everyone does and everyone enjoys,” said senior Remington Stittleberg.

Having the Black River in town there are many spots to park and walk to the river or the boat landing to put a boat in. Students that do not have a boat can walk down at many spots to go fish wherever they can walk.

“I have always grown up fishing from shores and I don’t fish out of boats, also fishing I prefer rivers instead of lakes,” said junior Dalton Shaw.

When you grow learning how to fish on a river you learn to fish with different tactics that when you learn on lakes. the baits and the things to look for are very different on both. On a river you have to deal with darker waters and current and on a lake you have clearer waters and  fishing more structure.

“My family always fishes for muskies out of a boat on lakes and that it the only way I know how to fish, it is very different when I am not fishing out of a boat,” said Johnson.

All different fish need to be fished different ways. When fishing for bass you throw out lures, when fishing for panfish a hook and a worm is all that is needed, and walleyes like a hook and a minnow. Knowing the type of fish will help with success because all fish need to be fished different ways.

“The easiest way to fish is with a hook and a worm because almost anything will bite it and that will allow you to catch more fish,” said Stittleberg.