Students support Servant

Sophomore Gabby  Servant had a tumor on her spine which was originally thought to be meningitis. She has recently had surgery to get the tumor removed and everything is looking up. What is it that has kept her going? Is it her bright personality? Is it her optimistic attitude? Maybe it’s her friends and family who have been helping her get through.

“They’re very important because it shows that you have people supporting which helps you get through the situation easier,” said sophomore Sabrina Gunning.

A lot of students and faculty around the school have thought that Gabby is handling her situation very well. Even her Facebook statuses show that her positive attitude is still ever prevalent.

‘Watching White Chicks. I’m laughing so hard my incision hurts,’ one status states.

Gabby’s softball team went to visit her in the hospital along with her friends. The entire school was encouraged to leave focus period to sign get well notes that would be made into a chain. The chain was then driven to the hospital and wrapped around her hospital room. Those are just a few ways students have helped support Gabby through this rough time.

“I think that it’s a great thing that Gabby’s closest friends want to make a chain. A chain seems like it’s unbreakable and strong…just like her [Gabby],” said sophomore Mary Onstad.

Sophomore KayCee Sanders, who was recently diagnosed with a type of bone cancer by the name of osteosarcoma last fall,  believes that these support systems are the exact thing that people need in situation like Gabby’s.

“It’s pretty important, if you have better support, [the situation] is easier to be positive and not think about all the negatives going on,” says Sanders.

Students have seen Gabby as having a bright personality.

“I’m not even friends with her, but she’s like the personality of the school almost. She brightens a lot of people’s days,” says junior Emily Ward.

Gabby has even made some guest appearances at the Spring Awards concert for band and choir. She helped out the Trebellettes, Black River Fall High School’s all-female acapella group, by providing some interesting beatboxing for the Britney Spears Medley.

“It’s good to see her up and moving around. I hope that means she’s okay,” said sophomore Zane Dukes.

She even showed up at the variety show on June 1st to perform the Britney Spears Medley in an encore performance.

Gabby was let out of the Gundersen Lutheran hospital after having to lay on her back for four days for post surgical recovery from Wednesday to Sunday.