Teachers spend summers at work, catching up

Teachers spend almost ten hours in a school every day. And then some on weekends. Then they get a three month vacation. But, believe it or not, teachers have lives outside of the school year. No, they don’t hibernate in coffins until late August. They do things!

While students are spending the summer forgetting things they had learned over the year, and (for some students) working, the last thing on their minds are what their teachers are doing. Maybe they will run into them at Walmart or Burnstad’s. Maybe they’ll see them in passing and wave awkwardly for a lack of better things to do.

But then we are left wondering, what brought them here? Wait, teachers like going to Dairy Way, too?

Has anyone ever asked teachers what they do in the summertime? Do they take second jobs? Do they just laze around? Do they spend all summer looking for worksheets for their students? What do teachers do?

“I build houses and work on a farm,” said bio teacher James Klos. “If I didn’t, i would get too bored and I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.”

Klos said that he does get paid for the jobs he does. “I work for a guy that my dad used to work for. We build houses.”

Tina Gilbertson, FCCLA adviser, has very different plans for her summer. “I’m going to ride horse,” said Gilbertson. “Ride horse and do my second job. Being a mom”’

Both Gilbertson and Klos keep busy during the summer.

“I don’t know what you guys are gonna do, but I’m going to read,” said English teacher Justice Broker. “ I’m going to read, and spend most of my time here. I’ve got lesson plans to work on. As much as I love spending time outdoors, I have work to do in here. But when I’m not here, I plan on being outside as much as I can.”

So next time you pass a teacher and think “Wait, what? You’re out of your cave?” Remember that teachers have lives, too.