Athletes keep up with demands of shortened schedule

When the weather cleared up late this spring, many athletes faced academic challenges in keeping up with their homework assignments during the spring sports schedule.

With games and practices after school, it is sometimes difficult for students to get their homework and other assignments done. It is also difficult to make up tests, quizzes, and the lesson that the teacher taught that day while there was a game or tournament going on. Students have adapted well in keeping up with the work they miss during the sports schedule.

“When I do not have a game that night, I do my work at home, but if I do have a game that night, I get my work done at school during class or focus,” said sophomore Dylan Chown.

Many students like having the focus period at the end of the school day. Especially when there are sports going on the students use the focus time to get a lot of their homework done, that way they have time to do other things after their practices or games. Other athletes find their own ways to keep up with their school work and not fall behind.

“I come into school early and talk to my teachers about the things that I missed while I was gone, and then I finish it at home that night,” said junior Alec Muth.

Many teachers are flexible and are willing to help the students complete their homework assignments as soon as possible. Some teachers keep separate little folders for each students with missing work. That way, the students in sports can stay more organized.

“ I have found that staying organized is the most effective way to keep up with homework and not fall behind.” said sophomore Sabrina Gunning.

When students are organized, they can manage their time better and keep up with their busy schedules.

“I ask my teachers what I missed the next time I have that class after the game. Then, once they tell me what I need to make up, I sign up for that teacher’s focus that day and I make up the work I missed. For me, this is a pretty effective way and it allows me to have time to do other things outside of school, too.” said sophomore Kristen Johnson.

Some sports even have games which at times, require students to get out of their classes early, and even miss some classes.

For students and athletes, one of the worst things to do is fall behind. Athletes have adapted well to fitting in their homework, tests, quizzes, and other assignments between their games and practices. The athletes at BRFHS have adapted well with their sports schedule and keeping up with its difficult demands.