Human Anatomy class visits UW-La Crosse

The students who took Human Anatomy got to look at the real thing during a field trip to UW-La Crosse. They also got to talk to people who are in the profession and plan to go into a medical or athletic field.

“We went and observed organs and cadavers, then we went and did the underwater body composition test and also did the amount of carbon dioxide and oxygen go in and out of the body,” said Human Anatomy teacher James Klos.

For the students, it was a once in a lifetime experience because most colleges do not have cadavers for undergraduate programs and UW-La Crosse has four cadavers for all anatomy students.

“When I was a students we did not have anything like this we had to dissect pigs, rats, and frogs,” said Human Anatomy teacher Molly Moseley.

There are many benefits for the students to go and see the cadavers. In class students have to look at pictures and once in a while they would get to dissect a pig or clam.

After sitting and looking at pictures, it’s not the same as looking at the real thing. Kids get to see the real thing that people in their professions see every day,” said Klos.

The students are not the only ones to learn by going on field trips. “I have never seen a valve replacement in a heart before. I wasn’t sure what it was and what it looked like,” said Moseley.

A few students got to test their bodies to see how well they perform. One test was to see the body fat percentage. Another was to see how much carbon dioxide came out of your lungs and how much oxygen went into your lungs. Dalton Shaw got to see his body composition and Nathan Helstad got to test his lungs.

“Getting to go into the water tank to see how much body fat that I had was interesting,” said junior Dalton Shaw.

The body composition test is not 100 percent accurate. It does depend on how full-grown you are. It is accurate enough for to test themselves before they wrestle if they do not meet requirements.

“If I was an adult I would have 15 percent body fat but because I am not I am around a 12 percent,” said Shaw.