Graduation brings out stress for seniors

Leaving high school and getting ready for college can be nerve wracking for some people, leaving the home environment and having to adapt to other surroundings can be hard.

“I will have to adapt to new changes in my schedule, not living with my parents and meeting new people,” said Matt Skogstad.

“Moving out is going to be different because I don’t know how I am going to live on my own,” said Kayla Tennant.

College is a major step in life to becoming an adult, and students have to face many changes.

“I am going to miss school and my friends,” said Matthew Puttbrese.

“I’m going to miss playing hockey, Mrs. G, Ms. Byrns and Putter,” said Skogstad.

When graduation rolls around, the question always comes up if there is anything that students would have changed about their high school career as a whole.Whether this be specific things in school or even outside of school activities.

“I would have probably tried harder in Wojo’s classes because I know that I could have done better,” said Skogstad.

“I would have tried harder,” said Puttbrese.

The expense of college can be an issue at hand for those looking forward to it.

Tennant planning on going to the Western Tech here in town, then later transferring had a concern similar to this.

“The cost is one worry. I haven’t really applied for any grants and my parents aren’t really any help, it’s just hard,” said Tennant.

She isn’t the only one with this concern. Skogstad, who is planning on going to UW-La Crosse to study law, has concerns about the cost of college.

“Paying for college makes me nervous, other than that I’m really not nervous,” said Skogstad.

Spending four years at BRFHS, students can find different benefits that can be made and earned.

Whether or not these students are in extracurricular activities, or just enjoyed their experience. They have examples of different achievements earned here at BRFHS.

“It gave me character and helped me develop a better work ethic,” said Skogstad.

“Sports helped me, I got better as the years went on,” said Tennant who plans on being a physical therapy assistant.

For Skogstad, Puttbrese and Tennant things are going to be very different after high school.

They will have to adapt to some major things that they have never had to face yet in their lives.

“I don’t know what to do next year, not coming back to this school is going to be different,” said Tennant.

Though it may seem like there are no benefits to post high school plans, it’s not all downhill.

After four years of high school, with the work and not being able to be on your own. It may be a relief to some to finally have the freedom.

By Hanna

“I’m going to be glad to be done with high school.  It was fun but four years was enough for me,” said Tennant.

“I’m looking forward to challenging myself in new ways,” said Skogstad.

“I had a lot of fun in high school, but I am excited about trying to become a US Marine,” said Puttbrese.