Volunteer work pays off

Senior Delaney Skelding has been involved in many fundraising activities throughout the year helping those in need.

“I did the Dig for a Cure, March of Dimes, and the Shooting for Sanders benefits,” said Skelding.

She worked very hard to get these benefits to pull through in a positive way.

Spending a lot of time planning and working to get the benefits started, Skelding did have some behind the scenes help.

“I would say that Delaney is amazing at seeing what needs to be done and takes the initiative, she’s very driven to make sure that the events are successful,” said Byrns.

Skelding is very involved in the school and is often seen at fundraising festivities.

It would seem that setting up these benefits would be a hard task to handle having schoolwork and FBLA to balance at the same time.

“A challenge I faced was just getting everything done on time. But I chose to do the benefits because I knew people would benefit to them and I like to help other people, it makes it worth it to know that you’re helping others out,” said Skelding.

The benefits had a positive outcome in all cases according to Skelding, holding raffle baskets and donation baskets for anyone to take part.

Specifically focusing on the Sanders family dealing with their daughter KayCee Sanders who had been diagnosed with cancer in the fall, the shooting for Sanders benefit at the ice arena was a big help.

“I think they were really surprised by the benefit and that it was put on by high school students,” said Skelding.

“I want to make people aware that high school students can make a difference and we aren’t as lazy as society says we are,” said Skelding.

 By Hanna