Variety show product of preparation

The music department hosted a variety show Friday night in the Lunda Theater. Showcased talents ranged from anything, whether it being singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or whatever the student would like.

Tryouts were April 21 from 3-5 in the choir room.

“Everyone should audition, everyone should come because it’s going to be used as a fundraiser for the music department and it’s going to be really fun!” said choir director and director of this year’s variety show Gillian Pacetti.

The money raised from the variety show will be used for the music department says Pacetti.

“I have always liked to perform,” said senior Hannah Fendt. Hannah did the Beatles Review for the high school last year and loved it.

Students do not need to limit themselves to just doing a solo routine. Many students can and will be performing in groups. Whether it be singing, dancing, playing instruments or anything they decide to do.

“A few of my friends and I are doing an a capella group this year and we are singing a Brittany Spears Medley,” said Fendt.

Also, you don’t need to just do one show! You can do a solo and a duet or multiple solos. Performers need not limit themselves to one act.

“This year I hope to play the “Devil Went Down to Georgia” on my violin and also a group of girls and I are performing an a capella Brittany Spears Medley,” said junior Kate Hegna.

A lot of students are involved in the music department and is very important to the school. Funding the department is crucial to making sure they have the right equipment. With the money raised from the variety show, the music department will be replace old band equipment that they can and any new supplies needed.

“I really love doing things with the music program and this was a way to incorporate different kinds of music and talent and just have fun with it,” said Hegna.