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Cross Country Skiing Provides a Winter Sport for Everyone

This past summer, English teacher Suzanne Shaw accomplished 248 hours of exercise through running and biking at the Bike Across Iowa Ragbrai. As the seasons change, she doesn’t let cold weather and ice-covered roads get in the way of fitness. Cross country skiing provides her aerobic exercise and a way to enjoy the winter weather…

3D Printing Making Its Way into Schools

“3D printing is the future,” said Tiger Investment Club Advisor Kris Wrobel. “3D printing is 21st technology that will open doors to advances in society we have can not even begin to understand.” 3D printers are a recent invention and have really been gaining attention. These innovations in technology “print” like a normal printer, but…


A/B schedule mixes it up

The new school year has brought some new and huge changes. The normal 4-block schedule has been flipped around and both students and teachers a dealing with with the change. These changes have both been accepted and denied. “Personally, I am still struggling,” said English teacher Justice Broker. “I try to give my students as…