Over/Under: March Madness

Riley Rios and Isaiah Newell explain how they rate March Madness in comparison to the NBA finals and Super Bowl.

Tigers head into playoffs

The boys basketball season has been a very interesting season to say the least. There have been some tough losses: West Salem, 50-67 or Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau,…

Weight loss could spell trouble for wrestlers

Rapidly losing weight to drop into a lower weight class, known as weight cutting, has been prevalent in both high school and college wrestling for…

Athletes Find Ways Around ImPact Test

By Samantha Barnum, Tyler Leadholm and Jordan Rondorf See the other student work at PBS NewsHour’s Tough Calls page.

Creating a Strong Team and Stronger Future

Changes to the girls basketball program, from the varsity level to the youth, are taking place under the watch of the new coach, Amy Olson….