Rosenberg Turns Talent to Cash

Junior Keria Rosenberg has taken advantage of her talent and is using it to make a profit.

Rosenberg has been knitting since she was 13 and took a health class that required a no-technology weekend.

“I had all this yarn laying around and this book that had a tutorial on how to knit, and I thought I might as well teach me how to knit to pass some time. I’ve been doing it ever since,” said Rosenberg.

Knitting can be a very expensive hobby having to buy all the yarn and needles and sometimes even buying designs, to get what you wanted to be made.

“It’s kind of a nice balance of fueling my hobby just solely to do it,” said Rosenberg.

Knitting is a hobby that takes up a lot of free time, and Keira makes several different items that can take days to create.

“A hat usually takes me about less than 10 hours, or if its a scarf, depending on the length, it can take me anywhere from 3-5 days,” said Rosenberg.

Keira has been selling her items for a while now and has sold around 11 hats so far, but yet to sell any of her scarves.   

“Hats, I charge $5, which is an extra dollar if they want a pom pom on top and for scarves I’m thinking around $7, maybe $9 if you want fringe,” said Rosenberg.

In the future, Keira plans to continue knitting and open an Etsy shop or her own online page where she can sell her creations.

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